Fit Yummy Mummy!


Fit Yummy Mummy

I looooove Fit Yummy Mummy!

This is where I really learnt how to exercise efficiently and the results were visible. I really felt the changes as my body started to tone up and have great muscle definition. While I didn’t lose a great deal of weight, I believe I was converting a lot of fat to muscle – and we all know that muscle is much heavier than fat, right?

Holly’s layout is sooo clear. There is a quick start guide to help you get going straight away until you find the time to read the main ebook. The ebook itself starts with some goal setting and morale boosting advice. Then onto food! Supportive eating, menu planning, portion sizes and proportions are all covered and all good, solid advice. The only thing I no longer agree with is the use of protein powders for the post workout protein boost. I really believe that we are so much better off sourcing all our nutrition from the purest food sources possible.

Kick Butt With Fit Yummy Mummy!

Next is the workout section. I love this part of the book! Each workout is presented so clearly, there’s no room for error. A series of pictures shows you each move along side the reps and circuits recommended. There’s no need to flip through reams of technical “how to’s” in order to find the appropriate exercise – although she does have a comprehensive “how to” section, just in case something needs clarifying.

The best part? You only need 15 minutes a day to work out which is totally do-able. And it’s not just for new Mummies, my kids are teenagers… plus my hubby’s doing it with great results too! Regardless of your age or fitness level, there is a workout to suit you.

FYM is just a fabulous healthy lifestyle plan. The testimonials are real people getting real results. It’s super affordable and a great starting point. Plus if you are a member of the club you get access to two new workouts and their companion videos which she creates every month. She is active on the forum to answer questions and is constantly innovating and inspiring. I can’t recommend this enough.

Even if you go just to get the free reports and sign up for her free newsletter, they are so worth it – a goldmine of info.

I won’t spoil the surprise any more, click here to go and check it out for yourself. You too can be a Fit Yummy Mummy!


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3 Responses to “Fit Yummy Mummy!”

  1. Hey Congratulations, you’ve done it. Go Sister. Am so proud of you sister and you are such a good writer.
    Is there a less expensive way to start Yummy mummy program?
    Love Armanda

  2. Thank you sister!
    I have removed the reference to the second program to avoid any confusion… All links lead to the basic book which is sooooo worth it! It really is excellent value for money.


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