Spinach Dressing … or Dip :o)


So here’s me bumbling around in the blogisphere and guess what? I realised you actually have to post stuff on your blog for it to be a blog!


It seemed so easy in theory! I’m constantly blogging in my head, does that count?

I’ve got so many photos, experiences and ideas that I want to share! I guess blogging is a habit that needs forming, (much like clean eating) especially when there’s the day job to fit it in around. Hmmm, how long until it becomes an addiction I wonder?

Anyhoo, I’m finally here and I want to share with you a “new” recipe of mine. I can only assume that I read about something similar somewhere at sometime which is what suddenly inspired me to throw this together… but I literally did throw it together – “au pif” as the French say, which basically means that you go by feel.

Start with any kind of salad – here I have lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado – pretty basic but fairly standard for my corner of the globe.

Into your blender throw:

Spinach – I used 2 large frozen cubes, defrosted. Fresh spinach is like gold around here! I’d use it if I could…

1T sunflower seeds

1/2T seaweed flakes

Olive Oil

Himalayan Sea Salt

Fresh Pepper

Hmmm, needs more olive oil – actually I think I just added some water…

Ahhh, that should do the trick. Now whizz it all up…

Mmmm, creamy goodness… I love my Magic Bullet! It’s perfect for individual serves and small portions.

Pour liberally over salad and maybe sprinkle with extra garnishes like chopped celery and spring onion…

Voila! Savour the flavour! And delight in the textures – I love how this is so creamy (and therefore feels naughty!) but you know it’s all good for you. Guiltless pleasures, now that’s my kind of eating!

I hope you enjoyed my first real recipe post, I’m one more step towards this new habit… yay! Oh, and if there’s anyone out there, please leave a comment, I’d love some feedback!

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