I have a little secret…


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Workout with Tigerlette

Well more like a workout confession really.

As you probably know, I’m very new to the blogging scene and as such have been wondering where on earth to start in sharing with you all the amazing things I have learned about health, food and fitness in the past few years. And this morning, it suddenly hit me.

I have a little confession to make… and I figure, if I come clean about it now… well, if nothing else, my conscience will be clear!

Here’s the thing. I’m essentially a lazy person.

A lot of people who know me will say that that’s baloney, because most of the time I’m a bundle of energy and actually have a very, very hard time just doing nothing. But here’s how I tested the theory for myself.

I’m pretty sure that if I could have a perfectly fit and toned body and cardiovascular system – you know, be in perfect physical health – without doing a smidgen of exercise, I’d probably jump at the chance. However if I could get all my perfect nutrition from taking just one pill a day and never have to cook or shop or clean up again in my life, I’d run away screaming (in my perfectly fit body).

So what’s the difference? Passion I guess, I just love to cook and especially eat! I even like the shopping for the most part. The cleaning up I could do without though :D

So you see, I am lazy, at least when it comes to exercise.

So how to workout then?

Three things have saved my life when it comes to doing workouts as a lazy bum.

The first thing is interval training, especially using the Tabata protocol. Doing Tabatas means you can do your workout in four minutes. Yes, FOUR minutes. Which is great news for the days when you just can’t put in any more than that (or don’t want to), whether it be for lack of time, desire or energy. Of course if you CAN do more, the benefits are much greater, but if it’s a choice between four minutes or nothing, guess which one wins. In general my workouts average around 15-20 minutes and never go for longer than 30.

It is a big myth that you need to do more and in fact excessive training can be detrimental to your health! However the best training for you will always depend on what you want your outcome to be. If you want to do a marathon, you should probably get out and do a bit of distance running once in a while!

So what is interval training? Well, it simply means that you alternate short bursts of exercise with a short rest period.  Use a move that taxes your entire body to the core like squat jumps, burpies or push-ups for example. You do it as hard and as fast as you can whilst maintaining good form for a set duration of time. With Tabatas the intense phase is just 20 seconds, then you rest for 10 seconds and start again. Do this 20/10 set 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

Et voila!

And another great thing? It’s totally free! No gym membership required! There is a brilliant workout timer app called “Seconds Pro” that has a few set timers – Tabata being one of them – and also allows you to create your own timers. I’ve made a 50/10 and  a 30/30. I have the paid version now and I can’t remember if the free one allows you to create at least one timer or not. Anyway, you can always just check out the trial version or just do a google search for tababta timers to find a free one elsewhere.

The second thing that has saved me has been Fit Yummy Mummy workouts. Holly is all about interval training but her system mixes things up a lot more to include weights and body weight resistance training, as well as Tababta and other intervals. It’s important for me to keep things fresh and interesting to combat boredom and Holly’s workouts have so much variety, so no chance of that. Plus she taught me a ton of stuff about nutrition.

The third and final thing is simply the high I get post workout – feeling oxygenated, energised and knowing that I am doing great things for my internal health and physical appearance. This has got to be the ultimate motivator and source of inspriation for me.

How about you? What kind of workout do you like to do?



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One Response to “I have a little secret…”

  1. Just four minutes, wow, suddenly I’m feeling highly motivated. I love the blog and will be coming back for more. xx Tuo