Salad with Protein as a “Condiment”


So I heard an interview with Kris Carr of “Crazy, Sexy Cancer/Diet/Kitchen…” fame and she made a suggestion that really struck a chord with me.

Think of your protein portion as a condiment.

What a way to get more veggies on your plate! Not that I was having much trouble with that before, but for anyone who is struggling with with the idea of the amount of veggies we really should be eating for great health, this concept really makes it clear.

So just for fun, that day instead of mixing my leftover nacho mince (all made from scratch of course, thanks to the men in my life) into my salad, I put it in a cute little dish on the side :)

It was just as satisfying, if not more so! Because I didn’t eat some with every mouthful, the flavour was more intense whenever I did have a bite.

Oh, and if you are interested I would HIGHLY recommend that you watch the movie that this came from, Hungry For Change. The idea of protein as a condiment doesn’t actually feature in the movie itself but is part of the full program which I purchased as well. The full program features the full length interviews of all the speakers featured in the film as well as a host of other bonuses and is totally worth buying. I’m not even half way through and have already learnt so much!

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