Juice or Smoothie? An Exercise in Comparison.


Basket o’ greens!

So it’s been about three and a half years since I “discovered” raw and I resisted getting a juicer because, well, juicing seemed like such a waste of food! It takes a bucket load more produce to make a glass of juice than it does to make a glass of smoothie right? And don’t get me started on all the lost fibre!

Well sometime late last year I changed my tune. I have continued to learn so much about the relationship between food and our health and am now completely convinced of the merits of juicing – although smoothies still have their place! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the smoothie at all, but each has their place and purpose.

My favourite smoothie? Hmmm, something along the lines of berry, banana, or mango with spinach and almonds (as a base) yummy! But try putting that through the juicer! Trust me, you won’t get very far…

However if you’re after the goodness of green then you can’t beat a good slow press juicer.

A fresh green juice is a powerhouse of easily absorbed nutrients delivered effortlessly to your cells. No energy is lost in digestion, plus they’re incredibly detoxifying. Now instead of thinking of the wasted fibre, I think of how long it would take me to slurp and chew my way through that bucket load of veggies!

And to prove the theory (to my Mum, who I’m trying to convince needs a juicer, hi Mama!) I ran a little test…

Take one bucket load of greens…

… or about a chopping board full of greens…

… and blend. This lot made about a litre of smoothie. I could have added more ice for a smoother result – I did put in a few cubes – but I didn’t want to dilute the mix too much. Of course you wouldn’t add ice cubes to the juicer!

Green Smoothie in the Thermomix

The result in a glass. It’s definitely got bulk and had to be chewed bit before swallowing, much like a standard smoothie. Kind of a liquid meal more than a juice. You’d probably get a better result in a Vitamix, but I have a Thermomix and wouldn’t trade it for the world :)

Smoothie Result

Next put the smoothie through the juicer…

“Juiced” smoothie

Check the fibre or lack thereof! Admittedly the resulting fibre is a little more than this under normal direct juicing circumstances. It’s actually more like this…

Same basic chopping board of greens, juiced direct

Still impressive! You can see that the resulting juice is much clearer too. There was also a fair bit of fibre left in the core of the juicer which doesn’t happen when directly juicing either.

Leftover smoothie fibre in juicer

But the result in a glass? Pure gold… or make that pure green!

Juicing Result

Other big jargon type advantages of slow press juicing over blending:

  • slow press doesn’t damage the cell walls of the produce, maintaining the enzymes and therefore the integrity of the health benefits of your juice
  • slow press means no high speed shredding and less oxidisation
  • slow press is fast, efficient with much less waste than high speed juicers
  • they’re super quiet in comparison to high speed juicers and easy to clean
  • my one came with a ten year warranty!

My juicer, for the curious, is a Hurom. I love it. It looks like this.

So Mama, are you convinced?

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6 Responses to “Juice or Smoothie? An Exercise in Comparison.”

  1. Awesome sis. Raw is king

  2. OK will keep trying. Still have to cut them greens up for the small orifice.

  3. Thanks Liese. Good blog. I’ve always been a juice fan but haven’t done it for years. I’ve got a Hurom too! Love it!
    Any tips on getting a vegie hater to drink green juice.?
    I just bought Jason Vale’s Keep it Simple juice book. Pretty good.

    • Thanks Cindy!
      Wow, have you had the Hurom for years too? I didn’t know they’d been around that long!
      So who’s the veggie hater? I generally put in an apple, pear or other sweet fruit to take the edge off. Bear in mind that if sugar is an issue for the person, either for weight or candida, then fruit is not recommended.
      If it’s still just too green tasting you can put a few drops of stevia in, that works wonders!
      Funny I went to look at Jason’s website recently but haven’t explored much yet. Good to know the book is good.